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Dianne Templar, Financial Counselor

Dianne Templar, Financial Counselor

Financial Services

About Us

Financial freedom is for EVERYONE!
- The couple struggling to make ends meet
- The family living paycheck-to-paycheck
- Those that "make too much money to be this broke"

I help people (just like you!) with...
- Budgeting
- Building up savings
- Eliminating the burden of debt
- Preparing for big financial goals, such as buying a house or investing for the future

Services offered include:
- One-on-one counseling
- Employee financial wellness programs
- Newly engaged/married programs
- Group workshops

Previous clients...
- Have saved $3,500
- Paid off $7,000 in debt
- Made a plan with their money for the first time
- Felt on the same page as their spouse with their money
...all in the first 90 days!

Book a free consultation today so we can begin YOUR journey to financial freedom!